15 Ways User Activity Monitoring Will Help Your Organization Now

Andreas Lalos

Here are some of the ways, 1,200 customers use ObserveIT’s user activity monitoring:

1. RAPID INCIDENT RESPONSE — Receive real-time alerts when a user’s activity indicates out-of-policy behavior, data leakage, or unauthorized application usage.  Determine intent and cause and take action quickly with bullet-proof forensics.

2. COMPLIANCE — Meet PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance requirements. Get a full, visual, audit trail and custom reports to help maintain compliance.

3. VENDOR MONITORING — Manage your vendor liability. See exactly what vendors and 3rd party contractors’ access and receive alerts to notify you if they are out of scope.

4. IMPROVE OVERALL SECURITY POSTURE — Integrate user context into existing architectures – SIEM, ITSM, IAM solutions and other to significantly enhance level of security and visibility.

5. THREAT MANAGEMENT – Instantly detect, investigate and mitigate suspicious user actions.

6. PREVENT DATA LEAKAGE – Monitor employees who are being fired or are leaving to make sure confidential information doesn’t leave with them. 

7. DEVELOPER MONITORING – Monitor internal or offshore development teams. Receive alerts if a developer leapfrogs to a system they shouldn’t have access to or if a new application or tool is being pulled in to the environment.

8. MONITOR USER ACTIONS WITHIN APPS – Prevent information from leaving the company by carefully monitoring critical applications. Know exactly who did what in an application regardless of how users accessed it.

9. ACCELERATE OPERATIONS VIA INTEGRATION WITH HELPDESK - When a ticket is created, the video-like playback of the issue can be embedded in that ticket to speed investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation.

10. IDENTIFYING SHARED ACCOUNTS – Identify users accessing root accounts. When users log in, they are automatically prompted for a second login that forces users to login with their personal credentials.

11. DOCUMENTATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING – Monitor user interactions through terminal  virtual desktops and provide one-click creation of word documents documenting actions.

12. VDI POS MONITORING VIA CITRIX – Monitor dynamic virtual point of sales systems for user  error and breach of regulation and policy.

13. CORRELATION OF USER DATA AND SYSTEM DATA – Feeding user-context into a SIEM tool creates a single-pane-of-glass method to view all of the data generated by both infrastructure and users.

14. KEYLOGGING – Create reports around application use in simplified plain English text as opposed to system based data.

15. PEN TESTING - Record how various applications or infrastructure is performing in the company’s environment during penetration testing.  Get a visual vulnerability assessment deliverable from the pen testers, and an actual record of where and how those vulnerabilities were accessed.


ObserveIT provides screen-recording technology to capture all user behavior, regardless of the environment. Beyond providing video playback of all user activity, ObserveIT turns these video recordings into User Activity Logs that can be easily searched, analyzed, audited and acted upon. Real-time alerts based on user actions inform administrators about suspicious and unusual activity, to operationalize forensic analysis and enable early detection and mitigation.