High Assurance SSL Certificates

The use of Domain Validated digital certificates is mistakenly considered as a verification method of organisation identity. The need for further verification of organization identities is a prerequisite of trust between organisations and users that lead most of the organisations in acquiring Organization Validated and Extended Validated certificates in order to ensure higher level of trust. The organization Validated and the Extended Validated certificates depict the stricter and more reliable confirmation of organization identities, clearly presented from browser applications, helping users to recognize the misleading/fake from the reliable/trustworthy websites.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Entrust Datacard is the 2nd biggest High Assurance SSL certificates provider. The SSL certificates of Entrust Datacard are trusted by thousand organisations across globe. Entrust Datacard is a founding member of CA/Browser Forum. Moreover is recognized from Frost & Sullivan as the best customer service, as a provider with the most versatile range of digital certificates, best innovation and the best service provider Certificate a a Service - Ctaas.

Unified Approach

The central management platform Entrust Certificate Services integrates a unified approach in the certificate management, verification of organization ID, support and back-end operation, removing complexity from the certificate lifecycle management.