Presentation of Wireless Network Security Solutions by BESECURE at the Mobimedia 2007 International Conference

At the third Mobimedia 2007 conference held in Nafpaktos on August 27-29, BESECURE, which is active in the field of Information Security, participated as sponsor of the conference and exhibitor. During the conference, BESECURE presented Checkpoint's integrated security solutions and Secure Broadband & Secure Wireless services for Internet connectivity and the implementation of wireless WiFi access control networks with strong user authentication. Some of the The solutions presented included Strong Wireless User Authentication, Secure Wireless Campus Networks, Wireless Roaming, Secure Virtual Access Points & Hot Spots.

Secure Broadband & Secure Wireless services provided by BESECURE are intended for small and medium sized businesses remote access points such as unregulated branches, remote workers etc. Providers of Internet Content Services and Services that want or provide secure Internet access, implementation of Site to Site & Client to Site Virtual Private Networks and implementation of wireless networks.Secure Broadband & Secure Wireless services are supported technologically by Checkpoint's Unified Threat Management Appliances. The stateful firewall inspection and intrusion protection technology of UTM appliances also protects 97% of Fortune 500 companies. Unified Threat Management Appliances are updated daily by BESECURE's Secure Operating Center with new firmware, antivirus, & intrusion prevent signature updates and analyze the security incidents they record by providing additional capabilities for centrally managing and implementing security policies.

BESECURE, with its Secure Broadband and Secure Wireless services, enables businesses to exploit Checkpoint's leading IT security solutions at low cost and management, allowing them to focus on other areas such as their business growth.