Customer Stories

Managed Services - Assistance Company

BESECURE implements Managed SIEM services to one of the largest Medical and Roadside Assistance companies in the world to encounter emerging Advanced Persistent Threats. 

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Customer Challenges

The expansion of partner network as well as the need for tele working of its employees has created additional security needs that should be addressed. In addition the compliance to PCI DSS standard, based on Group's directive in all its subsidiaries, has created the need for monitoring and maintaining historical archives of various system events. Furthermore, as a part of company’s culture, it is required that the IT Department takes specific measures to improve information security and protect customer data including centrally collection and archiving of log data and review on a consistent basis from Information Security Officer. One of the biggest challenges of the customer in protecting its organization from advanced threats is the unique and complex nature of each assault. Such attack can be for instance disguising phishing emails as legitimate corporate communications, delivering payloads such as malicious PDFs that when opened perform function such as installing a root kit.

Our Solution

BESECURE service offering assisted the company to preserve 100 percent of logs on their network to satisfy data retention requirements based on internal security mandates and PCI DSS regulations. Logs from Windows servers, firewalls, and content security devices are collected, indexed and secured while being always available for retrieval from within BesecureCloud, an ISO27001 resilient and secure datacenter infrastructure platform. Customer is provided access to a fully-indexed, searchable repository of all log activity from all monitored devices and servers within their network, providing visibility and control through rich reports and dashboards. 

Customer has achieved its goals without management or maintenance overhead, at a lower cost than implementing a solution internally, maintaining forensically sound log data for investigations. BESECURE Security Event and Log Management Service through its custom forensics analysis minded security dashboards provide advanced investigation, searching, reporting and event correlation features to encounter emerging Advanced Persistent Threats.