Customer Stories

Solutions - Leading Telecom Provider

BESECURE establishes visibility into Remote Vendor Access of a leading telecom provider offering internet access services and fixed-line telecommunication services owning one of the largest core backbone networks in Greece.

Customer maintains many custom-tailored 3rd party applications, providing content and value-add services to its subscribers. The numerous privileged vendors who are remotely accessing these servers for software support and upgrades, further complicate customer’s server management job.

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Customer Challenge

As part of their commitment to safety and certainty, the company recognized the need to monitor and log the activities of external users who access their network. Furthermore the solution should be feasible to monitor 24x7 Service Level Agreements of remote vendors through its detailed and granular auditing capabilities.

Our Solution

To  avoid  potential  risks  associated  with  the identified remote vendors access  threats,  customer  tested  solution  from deferent  vendors. Following an evaluation of available solutions customer chosen ObserveIT security auditing solution provided from BESECURE. Implementation involved installing monitoring software on Virtual Desktops in a secure network zone, through which remote vendors are granted access to corporate network resources. Customer chosen ObserveIT because of its functionality and flexibility including the method of recording user sessions (screenshots, plus text of typed commands), full indexing of session recordings, easy searching and their relatively small size of recorded sessions, which allows longer storage time. The ability to verify the behavior of third parties in customer system allows the company to ensure that it meets its obligations to comply with applicable safety information.