Code Of Ethics

Our professionals are required to adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct according to BESECURE Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics aims to assist our professionals in resolving the difficult ethical dilemmas that may confront them in their professional capacity, and ensure that we provide outstanding service to our customers. Failure to comply with any provision of this Code by engaging in gross misconduct or company policies may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of contract. BESECURE professionals shall:

  • Perform their duties with objectivity, due diligence and professional care, in accordance with professional standards, applicable laws and best practices.

  • Act at all times solely in the best interest of BESECURE, our clients, the public, and the profession by acting in accordance with the professional standards and applicable techniques while performing professional services.

  • Maintain their competency in their respective fields and strive to constantly improve their professional skills.

  • Offer only professional services for which they are qualified to complete with professional competence, avoid the use of methodologies the professional or other BESECURE team members are not adequately trained and experienced, and adequately inform clients and consumers about the nature of proposed services, including any relevant concerns or risks.

  • Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed; revealing all significant facts known to them and refrain from any activities which might constitute a conflict of interest or otherwise damage the reputation of BESECURE, our clients or the information security profession.

  • Maintain the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information obtained in the course of their duties unless disclosure is required by legal authority. Such information shall not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate parties.

  • Comply with all laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where professional activities are conducted.

  • Respect the intellectual property and contributions of others.

  • Avoid actions not covered by a contract or a letter of agreement. Avoid any covert acts that might embarrass or bring discredit on BESECURE, other BESECURE team members and the professional himself.

  • Not act in any manner that could compromise the reputation of BESECURE or our clients and fully cooperate on the inquiry following a claimed infringement of this Code of Ethics.