Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL

TLS/SSL Certificates

Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are supported by the most complete validation processes available, including certificate transparency for the Google Chrome browser.

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These certificates take advantage of the added visual cues in today’s popular browsers, including the green address bar in Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome — a clear indicator to your customers that your website is secure. Entrust EV SSL also comes with a comprehensive website security solution to find and fix malware and other common website vulnerabilities while protecting your site from being blacklisted.

Increase consumer trust and conversion optimization with Green Bar assurance

Entrust EV SSL Certificates lend more credibility to your website compared to using an organization or domain validated SSL Certificate. In addition to displaying prominent security indicators, EV SSL Certificates have a number of unique value-add features.

  •   Add daily malware scans of up to 500 Web pages a day.
  •  Monitor your corporate IT reputation with Search Engine Blacklisting and Spam Monitoring.
  •  Scan for threats and vulnerabilities such as Malware, SQL Injection, and Cross Site Scripting.
  •  Remediate the malware you find.