Wireless Security Solutions

Enterprises may have from one to thousands of wireless access points to manage and many employees, partners or customer accessing the internet or intranet through them. As a result Security and management of these Access points can be a complicated task. Also SMBs often have diverse WLAN requirements that set them apart from large campuses or distributed enterprises.

We provides a full suite of secure WLAN products designed to cover the unique requirements of different organizations. Configuration and control of wireless environment can be done directly to the Wirelless Access Points or through management solutions enabling real-time locationing and device tracking.

Benefits :

Superior density, scalability and mobility - handle the most complex RF environments. 
Zero-touch deployment: Fast and simple deployment with no requirements for onsite tech support.
Simplified deployment and capacity expansion: No licenses to buy, save time and TCO.
Scalability from 1 to 10,000 APs: Scales to grow with you.
Free location and analytics: Wireless device locationing tools included with no additional licenses required.