PCI DSS Gap Assessment

PCI DSS applies to all entities that store, process, and / or transmit card holders data . It covers the technical and operational parts of the systems contained or linked with card holders data. If a merchant accepts or processes payment cards, then he must comply with the requirements of PCI DSS Standard

According to each Merchant Level and Type, several needs arise in terms of achieving PCI DSS compliance. BESECURE Gap Analysis procedure aims to the assessment of the level of Compliance of the Merchant with PCI DSS requirements by gathering all the data in scope, either they are technical or procedural information, and identifying the Gap between the current state of the Merchant and the state that it should be, assessing the level of conformity of the Merchant with the PCI DSS. The results will constitute a driver for the Merchant to achieve absolute conformity with the standard. 

Compliance with the standard provides significant benefits,to the company that applies:

  • Ensuring public image & company reputation

  • Safeguarding the company's shareholders

  • Strengthen customer loyalty

  • Avoiding negative publicity