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Education - International Carrier

BESECURE delivers Information Security Awareness seminar to International carrier employees to secure the weakest link in security chain, the human factor.

Customer headquartered in Athens Greece is an international carrier with strong network presence in SE Europe. The company has grown to a regional hub in SE Europe, delivering a complete portfolio of transport, voice, corporate & mobile services to international Carriers, mobile and fixed telephony Operators, as well as to multinational Organizations.

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Customer connects Greece and the wider Balkan region to major European hubs. Overall, the majority of Greek, as well as a significant share of SE European broadband volume, is currently served over customer’s reliable and resilient network infrastructure. 

As an international voice carrier the customer is offering high quality routes to global destinations as well as other major carriers in Greece and S.E. Europe. By making numerous direct interconnections with local incumbents and mobile carriers in Africa, M. East and Asia, the customer carries also a significant amount of voice traffic minutes to these areas.

Customer Challenges

Customer places the utmost importance on maintaining data security, as this has a significant influence on business success and the company’s image among the general public. Customer is aware of the highly sensitive nature of its customers’, employees’, shareholders’, and suppliers’ personal data, and therefore needs to handle all such information with the utmost confidentiality and care in order to protect it. Each individual needs to be responsible for maintaining a high level of security  at within the company within the framework of his or her daily tasks.

Furthermore the regulation for the Assurance of Confidentiality in Electronic

Communications from Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy, in accordance with European Regulations, that customer need to comply, sets strict security requirements and fines of non compliance that all employees need to be aware of.

Our Solution

BESECURE offered the Training Content for Enterprise Employees, part of its Security Awareness Seminars. BESECURE’s Security Awareness Seminar assisted customer in mitigating the risks from Human based attacks, which are capable of circumventing a wide range of deployed controls by publishing the culture of “defending people by people.”

Through this seminar BESECURE educated the new concept of the “Human being firewall,” how it can be applied to maintain a good security posture, and finally providing practical guidance on responding to incidents effectively and efficiently.